• Wedding Spray Tan Specialist

    Wedding Spray Tan Specialist

      It’s a no brainer. You have enough to think about without worrying about how to achieve that perfect look for your big day. You want heads to turn, jaws to drop to the ground and every man in the venue to think your husband to be is one lucky guy. This is why so

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  • Will a Spray Tan Help Acne and Spots

    Spots, blackhead, bumps and scars are just some of the tell tale signs of acne. Commonly affecting, teenagers and young adults, the skin condition can be deeply upsetting, especially when it occurs over the face and leaves it looking red, blotchy and inflamed. The warm, golden tone of a spray tan can counteract this redness

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  • Tanning With Sarah Fox

    With 5 years plus tanning experience under my belt, faux spray tanner I can honestly say I have seen it all. New starters in the tanning business ask me for advice on how to deal with clients and sometimes you can’t be prepared for everything. So as a client for any spray tan therapist it helps to

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  • What To Expect During Your First Sienna X Spray Tan

    If you’ve never got butt-naked in front of a stranger before so they can spray your entire body with a cold brown liquid, don’t worry – it’s not as horrendous as you’d think. There are a few things that are very handy to know, though like what the heck those sticky feet are for. If

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