• Mobile Spray tans by Daisy

    Mobile Spray tans by Daisy

    At Tan with Fox we are expanding. Due to so many requests from people wanting mobile spray tans in the comfort of their own homes, we are taking on someone new. Not just anyone though. We had to have someone who is passionate, driven and makes you feel at ease. Someone cheerful, lovely to be

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  • Feel Confident In Your Skin With Spray Tanning

    Many of my spray tanning clients have reported that their confidence has soared after having a spray tan with me. So why not join these lovely beauties and pamper your skin and supercharge your self-image with a professional spray tan? Whatever your shape or size, a spray tan can give you that extra boost of

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  • How to Prolong Your Spray Tan

    Super speedy, luxurious and moisture enriching, the gorgeous glow of a sienna x spray tan is like no other. Formulated to last for as long as possible, my tans are renowned for adding a gentle radiance to the skin that looks so natural and sophisticated without the orange hands. No more Umpa Lumpa jokes from

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  • Tanning With Sarah Fox

    With 5 years plus tanning experience under my belt, faux spray tanner I can honestly say I have seen it all. New starters in the tanning business ask me for advice on how to deal with clients and sometimes you can’t be prepared for everything. So as a client for any spray tan therapist it helps to

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