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    How to Prolong Your Spray Tan

    How to Prolong Your Spray TanSuper speedy, luxurious and moisture enriching, the gorgeous glow of a sienna x spray tan is like no other. Formulated to last for as long as possible, my tans are renowned for adding a gentle radiance to the skin that looks so natural and sophisticated without the orange hands.

    No more Umpa Lumpa jokes from my clients friends.


    With so many happy clients after a tan it’s understandable why my ladies want their tan to last as long as possible and so I am asked:

    Why does a fake tan fade?

    NO Umpa Lumpas SPray TanningWell, there is not a straight forward answer. There are many reasons why this happens, so I have compiled a list of reasons WHY it happens and how you can prolong your tan so you look sexier for longer.

    Here are my top tips on lengthening the life of your sunless tan.

    Avoid using harsh shower gels that can dry the skin and strip your bronzed skin of its golden sheen, you would protect your hair colour right? So protect your skin. Stick to gentle products, like sienna x ph balance body wash, and your tan will last for that little bit extra.sienna x ph balance body wash

    If you find you need to top up your tan you can always try our express tanning mist, this is a superb product and can be spritzed over any areas of the body where your tan has begun to fade. You can even apply it to the face and hands, these are the two areas that tend to fade the quickest because they are washed more often with cleanser and soap than other areas of the body.

    So lets recap how can you make a spray tan last longer?

    • Moisturize
    • Stay away from harsh shower gels
    • Use sienna x aftercare products
    • Avoid long soaks in the bath
    • Avoid rubbing your self dry always pat dry


    Thanks again for reading. Feel free to share this with anyone who wants a longer tan.

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