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    What To Expect During Your First Sienna X Spray Tan

    If you’ve never got butt-naked in front of a stranger before so they can spray your entire body with a cold brown liquid, don’t worry – it’s not as horrendous as you’d think. There are a few things that are very handy to know, though like what the heck those sticky feet are for.

    If you read this blog post then you’ll receive a much better understanding of what to expect and why spray tanning is so popular with so many people like you. If you do have any questions then just get in contact with me.

    It is best to turn up with a face free of make up. Don’t panic you can remove your makeup at the time of your tan, as I will provide face wipes. Also use them to remove any deodorant, which may act as a barrier to the Sienna X tan formula.

    While I wait for you outside the room, get completely undressed (yep undies and all if you don’t want any signs of tanning lines), remove all jewellery and get to grips with the accessories provided. You don’t have to take off you pants, but for an all over tan it’s much easier. Many people choose to keep them on though.

    What you’ll have:

    Firstly, disposable pants (or a thong – in which case make sure you get it on the right way round!), which you can wear home for ease.

    Next, a hair net – to protect your locks (keep your ears out, no matter how silly you feel.)

    Finally, sticky feet for you to step onto – they help to avoid getting fake tan on your soles.


    During our consultation we will talk about “how dark” you want to go. This is your chance to explain what you like; you could reference a celeb. It also helps me to know the occasion your spray tan is for, i.e. if it’s a 10-day holiday you may want to go dark so it lasts longer, or if it’s for a wedding the very next day, you may want to stay lighter so it looks as natural as possible in pictures.

    Sienna X Mobile Spray Tanning Tent

    Sienna X Mobile Spray Tanning Tent

    When you’re in the tanning ‘tent’ (a one-person pod with an open front) I will usually start by applying the formula, dispersed through a spray gun, I always start on the back. Given you time to relax in the tent. You’ll instantly notice, it’s frikkin’ cold, that’s normal so don’t worry.

    Although every therapist tans differently, they’ll usually work their way down the body. I start at the back working my way to the front finishing on the face, allowing some extra time for the tan to dry. I may ask you to lean your bum out. Don’t stress – it’s just so there are no white patches in any creases, You’ll be asked to claw your hands to get between knuckle creases, too.

    Follow instructions on how to stand. It might be a case of “the hokey pokey” at some points, sometimes you will feel like superman, but the stances are there to ensure you get an all over tan with even cover.

    All therapists seem to have an individual ‘secret’ technique. I will dry you down with an air hose to ensure you’re fully dry.  I will also wipe down the palms of your hands and cleanse your nails for you to ensure you don’t leave looking like you’ve got a bad 40-a-day smoking habit.

    When you’re dry you can get dressed. You should ideally bring loose, dark clothing and nothing that may rub the tan off, like tight ankle boots, I have had cases where clients bring skinny jeans. If this happens there is no guarantee you will have tanned legs.

    Most formulas nowadays aren’t too funky-looking before the wash-off, however the guide colour of your tan will probably appear darker than the finished result. Don’t freak out! When you go about your day you should pass for looking like you’ve upped the ante on the bronzer, not like you’ve been dipped in Ronseal. That’s why we use Sienna x it’s a natural guide colour from the moment it touches your skin. No one wants to look like a Sainsburys carrier bag.

    You may smell a little bit like malty biscuits but it’s nothing compared to fake tan used to be. Apply perfume to your clothes, not your skin, if you want to disguise it.

    As it’s your first time it’s probably best not to make big plans for the rest of the day– chances are you’ll look totally fine but you may want to go home and hide. It depends on how you feel.

    Spray Tan tent and set up You can shower after 6-8 hours, however my clients are loving the tan that develops in just 1 HOUR! Its amazing and have veery little impact on what their daily routine.

    If you’re planning on washing it off the next morning it doesn’t matter if it’s more than 8 hours later, just be prepared for a bit of a mess if you have white bed sheets.

    That should provide you with what you can expect from your first spray tan.

    If you do have any questions then please feel free to contact me or like my Facebook page and get all of the latest updates.



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