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    Why do I love and Continue to use Sienna X

    Why do I love and Continue to use Sienna X

    This is a question I ask myself repeatedly because I was never your typical “beauty queen” I was a real plain Jane, I was 25 and could pass as a 40 year old woman. I was very over weight, just really didn’t spend time on myself. Work always took over.

    This is where I love to share my passion with you lovely ladies.

    At the time my business was to make children happy (I owned a bouncy castle business) and although it was nothing to be glam about, I did enjoy it.

    So you might be asking yourself how did I stubble across to become a spray tan therapist from owning a bouncy castle business

    Well, one day I woke up and felt so in limbo in my life, I was 25 had so much time on my hands and the business was very busy! ‘How can I have time on my hands?’ you might be wondering? Well I would drop the bouncy castle off speak to the mums and children for 10 minutes then leave until it was time to collect.

    I was so bored!

    So I said to myself: RIGHT! Go and start looking after yourself! I booked in for a new restyle, I bought new Makeup (I have to admit I always wore lipstick, I would go anywhere without it) then I booked the DREADED SPRAY TAN.

    I had no idea what to think, other than ‘shit I had to get naked…IN FRONT OF SOMEONE WITH THE LIGHT ON!!!!’ OMG!

    I was overweight and no one had seen my naked with the light on. But Ii decided to take that leap and get out of my comfort zone. I did it I booked in at a salon, no names mentioned. I did the research to see what the leading brands were on the market…well where did I start we had Fake Bake, Sienna X, XTan, St tropez, Does that mean anything to you? It didn’t mean a thing to me either. I was overwhelmed with the choice and had no professional to guide me.

    Time to tan

    It was the day of the tan. Off I go with baggy clothes and a bag to put my bra in. I went in a nervous wreck, my name was called by this gorgeous slim blonde. She’d never have the hangups about her body like I did. Shoot me now!!!! It then clicked. What does that matter to anyone, I am me and I think I’m bloody pretty ace (my dog does too).

    My Adorable pub Lilly

    My Adorable pug Lilly

    So I strip down to my pants. The girl says to me ‘Right step into the tent, we will use this colour’. So clearly no consultation from here then. I didn’t know what to expect. What if her favourite colour was orange, or blue!! EEek!

    The machine goes on, I’m told to stand in different poses like a game of musical statues, but instead of music it’s a constant droning of the machine. I can feel the solution hit my skin as she works around my body but I’m just too afraid to open my eyes . What’s going on?

    After just 5 minutes, she says, all done, and the machine gets switched off. I was reluctant to open my eyes, but the curiosity was too much. I open them. I was dark.

    ‘WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!’ I’m thinking.

    She said ‘I’ll give you a couple of minutes to dry off then get dressed just don’t put your bra on.’

    What? Did she say DON’T put your bra on? But what about my pair of 38E Boobs. How are they going to stay put? I wasn’t told there was a no bra policy. I don’t leave the house without lipstick so a bra is a MUST HAVE.

    When I walked out of the room to pay the front of desk the salon was full of clients (say full it had 3 clients but I felt like I was on stage at Glastonbury) the worse is yet to come! As I glanced at my profile in a mirror I looked Green (and it wasn’t the lights!!) and felt sooooo sticky, as if someone has just smeared my with jam! To top it all off, it was raining! I’d only parked about a 2 minute walk away but feeling like a green monster with no bra it seemed like the longest walk of my life!

    To this point my experience of spray tans was:

    • I was green
    • sticky
    • wearing baggy clothes
    • NO BRA!!

    So that was my first experience with the spray tanning world. Did I like the Tan? I knew one thing for certain: it wasn’t the brand for me.

    So as I sat in the car, soaked, sticky, green and feeling pretty crap about the experience. My business brain was ticking. Could I do this? That experience made me feel crap, but I love making people feel good. I am a real people person. I have great experience working with clients and there must be plenty of people who are self conscious about their body like me.

    BANG!!! There was the idea:

    I’m going to become a spray tan therapist offering mobile treatments in the comfort of clients homes, no worries about parking, the weather or wearing no bras in public.

    No brainer. I was on it

    Spray tan research

    First port of call I join this forum called Salon Geek! It’s ace I researched all the threads I could to find out other therapist opinions on spray tanning. I was hungry to learn, blog posts, articles, websites, newsletters, videos, spray tanning courses. I read everything I could get my hands on for weeks (in fact I’m still continuing to grow even now).

    As I looked up courses for spray tanning I instantly fell in love with the brand Sienna X. They really caught my eye, I loved how they marketed their brand and the feedback people were getting from their tans was incredible. I whipped out the debit card and I booked on the course. Again I got very nervous when they said I had to have a tan in front of the class! 8 girls seeing me in my pants. Here we go again!!

    I spent all of the weeks leading up to the course learning, watching videos, asking questions. I left no stone unturned and before I even set foot in that class room, I was ready for anything.

    More learning, more listening, LOT’S of practical work and I’d done it, I got my certificate! I passed.

    I was on cloud 9! I was on the phone to Sienna X and I ordered my kit, I ordered everything I needed, from paper pants to the top of the range spray gun – I wasn’t doing this half hearted.

    No way could I just then advertise as a therapist, could I? Why not I had the qualification, I could do this! But finding people who were willing to pay? What if they didn’t like it? What if I was too expensive, what if I wasn’t what people wanted. That stupid doubt crept in again. No way was I ready for this, so I put a post on facebook for 20 models to receive a FREE Spray tan. I done 20 spray tans one after the other… then I was ready. It helped experience a little bit more and I felt so confident in what I was offering, and most importantly I felt so confident in myself.

    Once the clients started booking in with me I was going all over the place. Torquay, Newton Abbot, Paignton and Exeter. Nowhere was too far. I was on a mission, to help wonderful women feel amazing!

    I was (and still am) loving my JOB. I loved seeing people happy. I knew this was for me. Sienna x had changed my life for the best. So much so it spilled into other areas of my and pushed my to join a gym. I lost 4 stone, I gained more and more clients my business was growing every day.

    How lush to know people loved what I was offering, because I gave them a professional treatment in their own home, at times that suited them. I was discovering that people loved spray tans in their own home because the didn’t have to worry about:

    • Finding somewhere to park
    • Finding a babysitter
    • Taking time off work
    • Walking down the street braless
    • Sitting around waiting for your appointment
    • Going out in the cold
    • Dodging the rain after to avoid the tan running.

    It’s all about the clients

    Keeping clients in any business is hard work, I was being recommend to friends and family, my clients were becoming the most amazing friends I could wish for, I would say I am a very lucky therapist.

    So how did I become so successful? I put it down partly to this:

    I’ve learnt how NOT to spray tan

    All the products I use are Sienna x and I get such great feedback from them about how they love the colour, the feel and the smell. Plus the solution contains moisturiser, so what’s not to like.

    Each of my clients receives a full detailed consultation days BEFORE they have their first tan. They are sent pre and after care advice prior to their appointment.

    On arrival at the homes. once I’ve set up the tent and my kit I do the following:

    • Prep the client so no uneven tan seeps into knees and hands
    • Sticky feet protectors are worn to prevent tanned soles
    • Paper pants are offered (not that sexy but VERY practicable.


    Tan with fox mobile spray tan pop up tent

    Tan with fox mobile spray tan pop up tent

    Then clients step in and I begin to spray them with a solution that’s I feel is right for the clients needs. I always guide clients to what I recommend, a client doesn’t know the true benefits from a 6% to a 16% so guide them and help educate them.

    I LOVE the smell Sienna x gives you, I love the guide colour instantly, you can instantly see the difference. Most of all I love the client’s final say!! Most common one is “I absolutely love it’ followed with “when did I become so pale?”. You only need to see the feedback I get from clients on facebook to know that Sienna X is the right choice.

    My clients are loving Sienna x. We all have our favourite brands, from favourite lipstick brand to Favourite spray tan solution. That’s Great we all have the right to like what we like, but myself and my clients LOVE sienna x.

    Would I use anything else…I Have tried out other leading brands and it’s a NO from me. I have so much faith in Sienna x and I know I can guarantee a streak free, orange and green free tan!

    So with offering spray tanning, I have gained a complete new identity, I’m very glam, I do take care in myself, I even support my local competition. I always receive compliments on how glam I look, and I turned myself and my life around in an overnight decision,

    I am very thankful for all the support I’ve received from my clients since day one and I will continue to grow my business to its full potential.

    I have gained a lot of friend from doing this business and have really been accepted into their lives. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

    Many thanks Sarah fox

    Be Bronzed Be tanned with fox xxx


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