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    Will a Spray Tan Help Acne and Spots

    Tanning Acne and spotsSpots, blackhead, bumps and scars are just some of the tell tale signs of acne. Commonly affecting, teenagers and young adults, the skin condition can be deeply upsetting, especially when it occurs over the face and leaves it looking red, blotchy and inflamed.

    The warm, golden tone of a spray tan can counteract this redness and balance out an uneven complexion. Indeed, suffusing the sore appearance of inflamed skin with a bronzed colour tan greatly reduced the scarlet flush of acne and can give acne-sufferers their confidence back.

    If your skin is particualarly oily, a spray tanning mist is your best option. This light application of colour is sprayed evenly across the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue that clogs up the pores.

    Once acne begins to clear up, a fake tan can also camouflage any scars or areas of discolouration that are left behind-tanner almost acts like a very light foundation or concealer so you can get away with wearing less make up (plus the effects last for up to a week)

    However, a layer of foundation applied over a fake tan can provide extra coverage if you need it and should help to completely cover up acne scarring across susceptible areas like the back and chest.

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